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Upgraded fittings meet your hygienic demands and ensure superior corrosion-resistance

Upgraded fittings meet your hygienic demands and ensure superior corrosion-resistance

Did you know that more than 90% of the contact surfaces in a hygienic production line come from tubes and fittings? With smooth, crevice-free interiors and secure, self-aligning joints, there is a comprehensive range of DIN tubes & fittings is specifically designed for the food, dairy, beverage, home/personal care and biotech/pharma process applications.

Alfa Laval has developed new products which meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which define the requirements for quality management systems and environmental management systems, respectively. The range of solutions can give a peace of mind by ensuring superior corrosion-resistance. Dimensional accuracy and structural integrity makes it easy to install. Customer experience is ensured by easy sourcing and global availability, which means that you can have the fittings when and where you need them. Also upgraded surface appearance of the items ensures a consistent look and feel to the range.

All DIN tubes & fittings are labelled with a bar code, product information and manufacturing date. This provides the optimum identification and ensures that the product arrives to the job site in a clean orbital weld condition.

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